What I Learned From my Adventure on Periscope

What I Learned on my Periscope Adventure

In my first ten minutes on periscope, I watched Trump at a Republic Debate, a local radio host at one of my favorite bands’ sound check, and some guy throwing things at his cat. And that’s Periscope.

Today I went on an adventure, but not the kind that I actually left my room, and it was all thanks to Periscope. I’ve been hearing a lot about Periscope lately, so today I bit the bullet. I downloaded the app, played around for a bit, and then read a ton of articles on how, what, and why people love Periscope. And I can honestly say, now I do too.

What I Learned on My Periscope Adventure

So I’m going to share everything I learned about Periscope:


Why I Started A Blog Featured

Why I Started a Blog (and Why You Should Too)

“So, do you have any blogging experience?” “Well, no, not yet.”

I was interviewing for a marketing internship that was heavily focused on creating content for a company blog… and I didn’t have a single lick of blogging experience.

I got the position anyways. Then, proceeded to struggle through writing blog post after blog post for an entire semester. That’s when I decided I needed to start blogging.

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