What I Learned on my Periscope Adventure

In my first ten minutes on periscope, I watched Trump at a Republic Debate, a local radio host at one of my favorite bands’ sound check, and some guy throwing things at his cat. And that’s Periscope.

Today I went on an adventure, but not the kind that I actually left my room, and it was all thanks to Periscope. I’ve been hearing a lot about Periscope lately, so today I bit the bullet. I downloaded the app, played around for a bit, and then read a ton of articles on how, what, and why people love Periscope. And I can honestly say, now I do too.

What I Learned on My Periscope Adventure

So I’m going to share everything I learned about Periscope:

What is Periscope?

I started on the Periscope website. They told me:

“Periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else. It’s a visual pulse of what’s happening right now.”

And they were right. If you don’t know what Periscope is, it basically lets your live-stream straight from your mobile device. It’s owned by Twitter, and pretty heavily integrated with Twitter and its capabilities. For example, when you create an account, you can automatically tweet a “live now” link to your followers to increase engagement and viewers.

How do you use Periscope?

As a viewer, you can watch other people’s broadcasts, whether you follow them or not. When you’re watching, you can interact by commenting and “hearting” by tapping the screen. It was pretty cool to see people comment asking questions and the broadcaster responding pretty instantly. The “heart” feature acts like applause and the amount of hearts your broadcasts get determines your popularity.

As a broadcaster, you simply choose a title, whether you’ll share your location, and if you want to tweet your periscope, and start streaming! In my experiments today, I was only a viewer, but broadcasting looks fun, as long as you’re doing something interesting (a.k.a. not throwing food at your cat).

Is it good for businesses?

Periscope lets you humanize your brand. By putting people behind your products, your brand will feel more authentic and fans will feel more connected. And having a presence on Periscope as a brand can help customers establish more of an emotional connection.

The coolest thing about Periscope is its real-time engagement. Businesses can interact with their customers in an authentic, instant way that’s much harder to obtain on other social platforms. But Periscope also brings new challenges. How do you get people to watch? And then what kinds of content will get them to stay?

Let your customers know ahead of time when you’ll be streaming and promote the heck out of it. The interconnectivity between Periscope and Twitter is advantageous but shouldn’t stop you from promoting your broadcasts on all social networks. The most people you get tuning in, the more impact your efforts will have!

Even though Periscope is live-streaming, you still have to plan out your content. It’s imperative to capture the attention of your audience immediately. New viewers can enter your stream at anytime, so planning the basics of what you’ll say before will help you stay on topic and interesting.

After you’re done broadcasting, your work isn’t done. Use 3rd party apps to track where people heart, comment, and save your streams for later. For example, Katch automatically saves your broadcasts, gives you stats after, and lets you view comments with links to viewers’ profiles for further outreach.

How can businesses use Periscope?

Periscope brings many new possibilities for business-to-customer interaction. If you’re looking to get in the Periscope game, but don’t know where to start, here’s 10 ideas of what to broadcast as a business or blog:

Behind-the-scenes video: Invite your viewers to see how your products are made, your workspace for your creations, or anything that reveals something unique about you

Live Q&A sessions: Encourage viewers to submit questions to show your expertise in the field and encourage engagement with your brand

Hold focus groups: Have an idea for a new product and want to run it by your most loyal customers? A live stream with Periscope is a great way to get real-time feedback for your new idea, product or creation

How-to’s: Do you regularly post “how to” type content? Pairing your written or visual content with a live how to video can let you go more in depth and engage your customers further

Product demos / support: Periscope’s real-time interaction provides a chance to tell your customers even more about your products and offerings. Hold live demos of your best products to get customers engaged and excited about your brand

Testimonials: For service-based businesses especially, giving live customer testimonials (ex: an excited client just after you’ve presented their rebranding to them) will have more impact than even the most well-constructed customer testimonial page

Stream your events: Hosting an event but can’t invite the whole world? Well with periscope you can!

Build your mailing list: If you have a newsletter, ask viewers to leave their emails in the comments and you can add them to your mailing list later

Celebrity takeover: Bring in a whole new level of endorsements by letting a celebrity take over your Periscope and talk about your product

Don’t have your own content? Share someone else’s: Use the sharing feature to share other customers talking about your brand with your viewers or something you simply found useful and interesting

After my adventure with Periscope, I’ve decided next I’ll try broadcasting something. So to see my first broadcast, download Periscope and follow me @racheldowns26!