Why Everyone Needs an Online Resume

What comes up when people Google you? Is it something you’d want a future employer seeing?

Employers use online resources to vet their candidates all the time. They look at LinkedIn, and even your Facebook page.

And we know this. There’s countless guides and advice on how to clean up your online presence for employers… to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

But what if, instead, when people Google’d your name, they came across a well-branded, clean cut website that you actually wanted them to see. That’s why the future is in the online resume.

Why Everyone Needs an Online Resume Pinterest

Creatives have been using online portfolios for a while now, but it’s becoming more and more common for all business people to have an online work history. Many people use LinkedIn, but you need more than that.

Why have an online resume?

It lets you dive into your experiences without the risk of people getting bored. If someone really wants to know more about your position at X company, then they’ll likely click on it and read more.

Online resumes can also help you brand yourself. A compilation of your best work and a bit of personality can help you stand out from other resumes. Who knows? Maybe it’ll land you your next interview.

So you may be thinking, “Ok great, now I know I should have a website, but how do I make one?”

Simple approach:

Branded.me or Snack Website are easy, five minute solutions.

Simply sync your LinkedIn account or enter your experience yourself and you’ll get customized personal website in minutes. If you’re wanting to boost your online presence without the hassle of customizing a website, these platforms are perfect, and free!

Great approach:

WordPress.comWeebly or Wix can give you something a bit more tailored to your brand.

Choose from countless templates, or use their easy drag-and-drop interface for professionals at any level to use. All 3 of these platforms have free basic packages with the ability to upgrade for more customization and your own domain name.

Expert approach:

self hosted wordpress.org is ideal if you’re tech savvy and want complete control over your website design.

Choose from thousands of WordPress templates and build your site to showcase your experience and brand. If you’re a creative or in a profession where coding and other technical skills are valued, being able to build your own site, can speak even louder than the content itself.

Once you’ve made your online resume, how do you get people to see it?

Place the url in the heading of your resume. Include it in your email signature. And post it to your social media pages… especially your LinkedIn. Putting it in a place that stands out will intrigue employers to learn more about you.

To go the extra mile, try to get a domain name with your professional name if possible. It will be easy to locate and refer back to if needed.

A great personal website gives people a glimpse into who you are and what you know. So start building your online resume today!

Do you agree everyone needs an online resume? Share why (or why not) in the comments below.